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Breaking the Narcissist's Spell: Strategies for Dealing with Narcissistic Behaviors

Breaking the Narcissist's Spell: Strategies for Dealing with Narcissistic BehaviorsBreaking the Narcissist's Spell: Strategies for Dealing with Narcissistic Behaviors

The narcissist is the worst enemy of a human being, and we must understand that we cannot escape from them if we consider returning to a toxic narcissistic relationship. Ultimately, the narcissist takes a path that does not lead to good, and their behavior ultimately destroys them. It seems that the narcissist is programmed to commit evil and harmful acts, regardless of the methods used by narcissists. However, the corrupt and evil person is the one who carries narcissism within themselves.

Certainly, there are many things that can destroy the narcissist, but there are two main emotions that can destroy the narcissist and anyone who carries toxic narcissistic qualities within them. These two emotions are two types of feelings that may exist in anyone to a certain extent, but the narcissist possesses these feelings excessively and they are more present in their lifestyle. When these feelings exist in normal people, they are normal and not harmful, while they are extremely harmful in the narcissist.

In this episode, I will talk about these two emotions that exist in the narcissist, and which will certainly be the cause of their destruction.

 The first feeling or emotion that the narcissist feels is envy

Envy, my friends, is the feeling that overwhelms you when you feel extreme frustration due to certain qualities in another person, and you become resentful of them because of these qualities or because the other person has better luck in life than you do.

This is what the narcissist feels every day, a feeling of constant irritation about qualities or things present in another person, and the narcissist feels that they do not possess these qualities. Despite everything the narcissist has in their life, they still feel this terrible feeling of envy, because of the narcissist's terrible sense of entitlement, and that they deserve everything while others do not deserve anything, which makes the narcissist overly greedy for the blessings they possess.

The narcissist always feels an immense desire to possess anything that belongs to someone else. This is why envy is a major cause of the narcissist's downfall, as they always want to have everything that others have, even without any clear reason, just because the narcissist wants it.

The narcissist never feels satisfied; all they know is that they want something and they want it badly, which makes them constantly feel envy and irritation. When the narcissist is in someone's life, they rely on cheating and stealing, and their life is always incomplete, always lacking something.

Therefore, regardless of who you are and what you have, the narcissist must find something they are greedy for and want to acquire from you, whether it is something material like your house or car, or personal, such as your spouse, children, job, or friends. It may even include your own personality, education level, kindness, or positive feelings.

The narcissist envies the honest person, and they will undoubtedly try to exploit them, manipulate them, and hurt them. They want to be honest like them and feel satisfied with themselves, but they can't.

The narcissist envies the true moments of joy and happiness in your life, despite their simplicity. With negative envy feelings, the narcissist feels anger that drowns them in their hurtful emotions.

Envy continues to consume the narcissist and affects their health as long as they live. The narcissist always needs a mask to cover up their negative feelings, and this mask is often fake smiles that are not genuine.

Over time, the feeling of envy becomes repressed in the narcissist, leading to their complete destruction and end. This is because the narcissist never feels happy and does not live in peace of mind and satisfaction.

The second feeling that destroys the narcissist is their pride in their fake and unreal personality.

The narcissist possesses an immense amount of boundless arrogance and convinces themselves before convincing others that they are the best and no one can do what they do, and that no one is as successful as they are.

The narcissist is insanely proud of their fake personality, and when they do anything, big or small, they want everyone around them to speak about them with great admiration. This feeds their sense of entitlement and makes them feel that they deserve praise and appreciation, and that people should talk about them in admiration.

When the narcissist reaches this level, they believe that they are the best and that everyone else is beneath them, and not only do they deserve everything good, but they also deserve everything that others have.

The admiration that the narcissist feels for themselves makes them want to control everyone and makes them believe that they can control everything and everyone.

The extreme admiration that the narcissist feels for themselves makes them think about themselves more than anything else, and this makes it impossible for them to think about their flaws, negatives, or accept criticism from anyone, as narcissists possess a level of stupidity.

The extreme admiration for themselves makes the narcissist believe that they are perfect and that there is no one like them, even the mistakes they make, they consider them perfect, so that no one can blame or criticize them.

This extreme admiration for themselves makes them unable to admit to themselves that they have problems, and they do not put anyone else's interests before their own, nor do they think about anyone other than themselves.

This extreme admiration for themselves makes them not take any action to help them improve or correct their mistakes, but their actions always seek to destroy those around them, and this makes the extreme admiration for themselves the reason for their destruction in the end.

Envy and self-admiration are serious problems for the narcissist, and even a simple matter can be the cause of their destruction. The extreme admiration for themselves and envy can be the cause of the destruction of their mind, body, and soul.

The narcissist draws a life for themselves that ends in their destruction in more than one way, and they can be considered a ticking time bomb set on a certain time to destroy themselves.

I hope my message has been received, and that you have benefited from this episode, and we hope to meet in the next episode on a new topic about narcissism. Thank you and peace be upon you.


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