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The most important thing for a narcissist in his life

  The most important thing for a narcissist in his life

The most important thing for a narcissist in his life

Welcome to a new episode about narcissism. In this episode, we will be discussing the things that narcissists care about and are greatly preoccupied with. Some people may think that narcissists don't care about anything or anyone, but in this episode, you will learn about the things that occupy and matter to them deeply 

It is crucial to understand all aspects of narcissism, including the things that narcissists care about and preoccupy them, so that you can effectively deal with them. You may also benefit from this information if you find yourself in a relationship or communication with someone who has narcissistic tendencies 

Narcissists care about their image, appearance, and anything that feeds their ego

. We continue in our new episode about narcissism and the importance of narcissistic supply and recognition. We can say that narcissistic supply is the air narcissists breathe. They constantly need affirmation and recognition from others to feel satisfied with themselves and their worth. Narcissists are always in search of this supply because they have a tremendous inner void that cannot be filled 

Narcissists require you and others to constantly meet their psychological and emotional needs. Despite all that you may have done for the narcissist, they will never be satisfied. They always feel hungry and in need of more supply and attention. The narcissist seeks to obtain all the positive and kind feelings you have to offer, as they need that praise and admiration to feel satisfied with themselves and to fill the never-ending internal void 

In reality, the narcissist relies on you completely to fill this inner void they have, and they cannot do without you or be content with what they already possess. Regardless of your dedication and efforts to meet their needs, they will always feel an urgent need for more, and they will constantly strive to obtain your attention and care 

The narcissist is insanely obsessed with themselves.

Indeed, a narcissist tends to excessively talk about their love for themselves and their interest in you. However, this is not genuine love or heartfelt interest. On the contrary, the narcissist aims to capture your attention and interest to feel like the center of your focus. They strive to obtain positive reactions from others, even if they have to feign illness or weakness to attract attention and care. 

The narcissist loves to be the center of attention and enjoys feeling loved and highly important to others. They tend to exaggerate the significance of their personality and achievements and try to draw attention to them in any way possible. They play a role and employ these tactics to gain more recognition and attention. 

It is possible for the narcissist to pretend to have emotions or illnesses to elicit your sympathy and care. They do this because they know that emotion and attention are your way of bypassing their barriers and being willing to provide more recognition to them. 

The narcissist is greatly preoccupied with their possessions.

Indeed, narcissists view others as possessions or sources of the supply they need. They treat others as tools or objects that they can use to fulfill their personal needs and desires. When the narcissist needs attention and recognition, they begin to focus on the other person and show feigned interest in them to obtain what they want from them 

At the same time, when the narcissist feels that others are no longer valuable or a source of supply for them, they are quick to discard them. The narcissist operates based on their personal needs and seeks to fulfill their desires regardless of the true emotions and needs of others 

We must be cautious in dealing with narcissists and realize that our relationship with them does not rely on genuine love and care. It may be mere exploitation of us as tools to achieve their personal goals 

The narcissist is obsessed with power and control.

The narcissist always seeks to be in control of everything they possess, including their home and everyone living in it, such as their spouse and children. They consider them as part of their possessions and feel an urgent need to exert control over them. The narcissist associates their emotions with the concepts of ownership and power, and they strictly maintain control over them to prove to themselves and others that they are the strong and dominant person. 

When the narcissist diminishes the value of others or humiliates them, they exercise power and control over them indirectly. They use this method to make others feel incapable of controlling their own situation and make them rely on the narcissist more, which enhances their sense of control and power. 

The narcissist is insanely concerned with their image.

The narcissist considers their appearance and image in front of others to be the most important aspect of their life, and they spare no effort to maintain the perfect image that impresses others. The narcissist cares about every aspect of their life that represents their image, whether it's their personal appearance, their car, their relationships, or their friends. Anything that tarnishes this image is considered a threat to them, and they strive to get rid of it or overcome it by any means necessary. 

This image and ideal appearance are essential parts of the narcissist's identity and provide them with a sense of self-respect and self-admiration, which they strongly need to feel self-sufficient and content with themselves. The narcissist becomes obsessed with this aspect of their life and may lose balance and excessive control in order to maintain this perfect image.


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