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How can you destroy the narcissist and take revenge on him

How can you destroy the narcissist and take revenge on him

How can you destroy the narcissist and take revenge on him

When you reach a point where the narcissist abandons you, neglects you, ignores you, and treats you as if you're worthless, you may want to seek revenge and hurt them just as they hurt you. You want them to feel the pain that you feel because you believe that this will satisfy you, extinguish your anger, or make you feel like you have taken revenge on the narcissist. But believe me, this is not the right way to seek revenge against the narcissist. The truth is that the narcissist is the one who is ruining their own life, just as they ruined their relationship with you.

If you have been subjected to rejection, abandonment, and neglect by a narcissist, it may appear to you that they are living their life to the fullest and enjoying their new relationship while feeling more important, superior, and satisfied. You may want to make them feel the pain and destroy their pride, but to do that in a way that achieves what you want without approaching them directly or exposing yourself to them, you need to work on yourself and return to your true natural personality before you got involved with this toxic narcissist. You should also transform yourself into a better version of yourself.

If you do this and let the narcissist see the better version of you and completely reject their attempts to regain control over you, it will destroy them completely and crush their pride mercilessly. Narcissists cannot handle rejection or being ignored, especially by someone who was once under their control and considered their possession, even if they abandoned you. Narcissists believe that you are still completely attached to them and cannot separate from them no matter what.

Narcissists feel a tremendous pleasure when they break you and cause you pain because it gives them a sense of satisfaction and boosts their self-esteem. Therefore, the last thing a narcissist wants to see is you rebuilding yourself and succeeding without being affected by them. What really destroys the narcissist's pride is when you are not affected by their attempts to destroy you. To them, you are still able to live the life you want and make your own decisions without their influence. You can still smile and enjoy your life, which means that all their efforts have gone to waste, and their plan has failed because you are now successful and better than when you were in the relationship. Now, they need to have you back, and they will do the impossible to get you back.

If the narcissist fails to win you back and bring you back into the relationship, it will result in their ultimate destruction and the shattering of their pride. They will realize that they are no longer as important or needed as they once thought they were because you have moved on and no longer require them in your life. 

There is nothing worse for a narcissist than what has just been described. They are aware and certain that they will never be truly happy, and that all of their relationships will end up failing. That is why you do not need to seek revenge against the narcissist or do anything to them. 

All you need to do is focus on your life and yourself to become a better and stronger person, and not allow the narcissist to be a part of it under any circumstances. This is the real revenge. The narcissist does not want to see you happy or successful, they want to see you fail and lose in everything you do. 

When you succeed in your life without the involvement or influence of the narcissist, they realize that they were wrong and that their perception of things was mistaken. They will see that they are the ones who have failed, and this is what makes the narcissist want to keep you in a state of turmoil and prevent you from succeeding. 

As long as the narcissist believes that you need them, it feeds their illusion and gives them a sense of importance, control, and happiness. However, when you stand on your own two feet and succeed in your life without the narcissist, you cut off their supply and illusion, and their happiness turns into terrible sadness. 

When you do this, the narcissist has no expectations of you and feels secure that you will never be able to distance yourself from them or let them go. Therefore, when they discard you and ignore you, they do so without any doubt that they can lose you

This is why you should do what you have always wished to do if you want to truly get revenge on the narcissist who has hurt you. Whether it's a specific project or reconnecting with people you love and have lost due to your relationship with the narcissist, do it. 

The narcissist will continue to exit one relationship and enter another throughout their life, and all of their relationships will fail, with the same outcome. Therefore, you should turn the tables on the narcissist who will continue to chase and observe you. Give them something to see and observe in you, but it must be your success, not your failure, and your happiness, not your sadness. 

When your relationship with the narcissist ends, they expect you to regret breaking it off, to feel that it was a mistake, and to feel that you are losing something every day because you distanced yourself from them. You must show them the opposite of what they believe and think. 

I promise you that if you can do this, you will have truly achieved your revenge and freed yourself from the narcissist who turned your life into a living hell of pain and sorrow. 

I hope that you have found this advice helpful, and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode with a new topic about narcissism. Thank you and may peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.



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